3 Telecommuting Jobs Created By The Gig Economy

By March 29, 2019The Latest
3 Telecommuting Jobs Created By The Gig Economy

The “gig” economy refers to the fact that contract work is slowly taking over from the usual employer-employee model.  Thanks to the internet and smartphone apps, it’s possible to make a good living performing short-term gigs for a variety of companies or by offering commissions to online clients.  And while each gig might be short-term or only demand part-time hours, workers can add up their gigs to get full-time employment with a full-time income.

Of course, some gigs pay better than others.  While some gig jobs are easy for anyone to do without any experience, others are contract jobs put out major high-tech companies that demand a lot of experience and offer a big payout in exchange.  Assuming you have that experience, all you need for equipment is a good computer and a solid home internet connection.

1. Video Editing

While YouTube and other video sites still see hundreds of hours of amateur videos uploaded every hour, a growing number of content creators are making online video their main platform and raising the bar for quality and professionalism.  This means the demand for professionally edited videos is on the rise, and editors who know their way around the software (and around YouTube’s content ID algorithms) can make a lot of money by asking for a fee per video.

2. Social Media Marketing

Businesses both big and small benefit from having a strong social media presence, but not all of them have someone who knows how to build followers and has the time it takes to run accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the rest.  After all, frequent posts are important for boosting SEO and encouraging followers to share content and boost the company’s profile.  Companies will frequently outsource their social media marketing to an expert with a big personal following and a good home internet connection.

3. Artificial Intelligence Programming

AI technology is central to a lot of online businesses, particularly advertisers and search engines.  Google, Amazon, and other companies are always looking for ways to refine their programming, and since their presence is online they’re willing to hire remote workers who can improve parts of their software.

Of course, while you don’t have to move to a company’s headquarters to work an online contract job, it helps to live in a place that gives you a fiber home internet connection.  Fiber internet is faster, dedicated, and offers a symmetrical upload speed that will get your creations to your clients as fast as they need them.  All of that makes them essential for high-level telecommuting gig workers.