What Companies Need High-Speed Internet?

By May 18, 2018The Latest
What Companies Need High-Speed Internet?

Fiber internet lines support online connections of one gigabit or more, making them the fastest connections currently available.  The fast speeds are drawing companies and corporations both big and small to the cities that are laying fiber wires early, especially if the companies managing them offer competitive rates and worthwhile rewards.  But while companies in just about every industry can make use of a high-speed connection, which ones consider such an upgrade essential?  Which companies would consider uprooting themselves for lightning-fast fiber internet?

Lots Of Remote Workers And Clients

If you can figure out the best way to manage a workforce you never meet in person, whether it’s through contract jobs or whether you take them on as full-time employees, you’ll need to have a strong and stable internet connection to keep in touch with all of them.  Depending on the work and the worker, you may have to make multiple video conference calls every day, but even if you speak to everyone through emails you’ll want a steady connection that doesn’t experience lag the way you get from a shared cable connection.

The same thing is true if your clients and customers don’t visit your office in person very often.  Customers expect prompt replies and updates, and high-speed internet connections help make that happen.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a helpful way to secure information while also making it easy to access from remote locations and mobile devices.  Many companies are embracing the cloud as a data storage solution, especially when they know their data has the security and encryption that it requires.  However, retrieving or storing that data can only happen as fast as your internet connection, and a lot of companies can’t afford to stand still and wait for very long.

Server Farms

If your business is to offer computer power for others, whether that means cloud storage, websites, or high-speed computing, then it’s absolutely essential to have the highest connection speeds possible.  You need to be faster than your fastest clients, or they’ll find someone else who can handle their business.  Fiber internet connections allow companies like these to even consider building a location in a given area.

Fiber internet with gigabit speeds might not be required in every home right now, but it’s quickly becoming important thanks to the way people stream high-quality videos and for many businesses it’s already a requirement.  If you’re a property manager in a major city, you should seriously consider installing a fiber connection if you want to attract a modern business.