Providing Reliable Internet Access To Live/Work Units

By August 28, 2017The Latest
Providing Reliable Internet Access To Live/Work Units

With the rise of the creative class, the ease of creating small web-based businesses, and the prevalence of remote work jobs, there is an increased interest in renting live/work units. Live/work units provide a combination residential and commercial space with low overhead for entrepreneurs, artists, and young professionals alike. These highly in-demand units range from large to small, offer attached offices, communal conference rooms, and open gathering spaces. However, all of them require one important thing: Reliable, high speed internet options at an affordable price.

The Importance Of High Speed Internet Options In Live/Work Spaces

In this new coworking environment, most resources like internet access are shared. If a live/work space is going to attract long-term renters, you need to offer more than simply a shared internet connection. Your internet connection needs to have reliable speed and uptime with no lags. Also, it needs regular maintenance of both hardware and software to ensure there is never any downtime that can cost your residents valuable business. Furthermore, residents of live/work space need high speed internet options like cloud storage, backups, and IT support all at an affordable price.

How To Offer Your Live/Work Residents The Internet Solutions They Need

As a property manager of a live/work space, you also need to keep your costs down while still providing your residents the tools they need to thrive. With Jump Fiber, we have a great plan that works for any live/work space. Jump Fiber is a fiber-based internet service that is ideal for property owners of live/work spaces. Jump Fiber doesn’t offer a shared internet connection like other providers, it offers dedicated lines for each of your residents so they can get the internet they need to support their business. We provide all the necessary internet options that your residents need without expensive overhead costs for either of you. Plus, we offer 24/7 customer service, so your residents can get their questions answered anytime.

If you are the property manager of a live/work space or are considering developing a live/work space, you will need reliable high-speed internet. With Jump Fiber we offer everything you need to help your coworking community thrive. Check out our offerings for property managers and give us a call to learn more today!