Who Can Work From Home?

By June 7, 2019The Latest
Who Can Work From Home?

There are a lot of jobs where you absolutely have to show up in person.  You can’t work in a factory unless you’re there to operate and maintain the machines, and you can’t deliver and unload packages unless you’re driving the truck.  If you’re acting you need to be there for the cameras or the audience, and you can’t really work in construction unless you can get to the places that need building.

However, a large number of jobs involve working with information, and thanks to fast and reliable home internet connections a growing number of companies are allowing contract workers and full-time employees to perform their jobs from home.  You can even stay in contact with supervisors and team members thanks to messaging, voice chat, and video chat applications.  So which people, in particular, are taking advantage of this new paradigm?

Stay-At-Home Parents

Raising kids is a full-time job, but unfortunately, it’s not one that parents get a paycheck for performing.  That’s why many parents are finding online work that lets them stay at home, keep an eye on their kids, and still make some money to help the family finances.  Depending on the kind of job, online work can offer the flexible schedule parents need to care for children.  Once the kids are old enough to go to school, parents can then find other online jobs that take up more time but still let them stay available for child care and family emergencies.

Content Creators

Not every online job demands that you work for a company.  In many cases, you can make a good living by creating content like blogs, videos, music, and novels, or you can create drawings, sculptures and other crafts on commission.  The possibilities are so diverse that only the term “content creator” can really cover the growing field of people making a living using their creativity.


Kickstarter was only the first of the crowdfunding platforms that allow both content creators and entrepreneurs to get the investment money they need to produce their products.  With the right pitch and enough media and marketing attention, an entrepreneur can get the money they need to bring an invention to market when they otherwise might have trouble getting attention from professional investors.

Thanks to advances in home internet connections and recording technology, you can do a lot more than just make some part-time money by finding an online job.  You can make a living or even make a fortune while for the most part working from home.  It’s not any easier just because it’s online, but it is more convenient and gives you a chance to work on your own terms.  All you need is a strong home internet and enough motivation to put in some hard work.