Your Business Will Benefit From Managed Wi-Fi Capabilities

By September 21, 2018The Latest
Your Business Will Benefit From Managed Wi-Fi Capabilities

A decade ago, managed W-Fi was unheard of. Business internet consisted of a low-cost router placed at the demarcation point for their internet service with the hopes that everything would load quickly and smoothly. Many businesses still used DSL because high-speed internet was either too expensive, or unnecessary for the time. No one seemed too concerned when the Wi-Fi service was spotty because businesses and people weren’t as connected as they are today. 

Times Have Changed

As smartphones became smarter, people realized how important connectivity was. Substandard Wi-Fi through a low-cost router just doesn’t cut it anymore for business internet needs. The ability to connect is the most critical factor in running a successful competitive business today, and a managed Wi-Fi solution is the way to get there. Installing and maintaining managed Wi-Fi provides hassle-free access to connectivity. The IT team will no longer need to worry about network downtimes, accessibility demands, and overall management of the Wi-Fi; they can go back to managing IT. 

What Managed Wi-Fi Can Do For You 

Save you time. When your team can’t connect to the internet, it will cost you your most precious resource: time. Time spent with a third party trying to discover the problem and time spent trying to resolve the issue can ruin deadlines in an instant. A managed Wi-Fi specialist can save you time with quick solutions that can get you back online quickly. 

Boost your security. It seems like a different company deals with a security breach every week. Don’t be one of those companies. Having a managed Wi-Fi team handle your business internet means having a team that offers layers of security. User and device tracking, gateways, controllers, access points, and wireless intrusion detection are just the tip of the technical safety iceberg.

Show you everything. With a fully managed wireless network, transparency reaches unprecedented levels. You’ll have the ability to access detailed reports on-demand. Gain insight to uplink performance, network utilization, and other important metrics that keep you informed on your daily business operations. 

Help you expand. Times and technology are changing, and your business internet needs are going to change right along with them. Having a managed Wi-Fi plan in place before you expand will lead to a smooth transition that’s cost-effective. Your provider can group your access points by location and apply policies that are based on the requirements of each office. 

Step Into The Present 

Corporate work culture has changed, so change along with it. A managed Wi-Fi solution that provides gigabit internet for urban businesses creates a seamless transition for all users. Employees and visitors can enjoy a solid business internet connection that’s easily accessible, without any security concerns. It’s all a matter of finding the right business package and taking that step into the present to enhance teamwork and foster innovation. Managed Wi-Fi is an essential part of the new work environment.